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At Balance Nutrition we know that blending healthy eating with active living and a good night’s sleep helps create a healthy and balanced life. We’re here to help you learn useful health tips you can apply to your life. We are all about BALANCE. That means you can make healthy choices and still enjoy your favourite foods.

Balance Nutrition offers personal consults, group sessions and corporate wellness programs with Registered Dietitians. We specialize in:

  • Eating for an active lifestyle.
  • Sport nutrition to improve performance.
  • Corporate wellness programs.

One-on-one, and group services are available. 



I had the pleasure of meeting Celeste this year at a very important crossroads of my life. I was training for The Ultimate Fighter season 13. I had only a few months to train and get lighter than I have been since I was 14 years old. In my sport, Mixed Martial Arts, there is a very fine line between eating clean and staying lean and fueling your body properly to perform. I have seen other dieticians and talked to many fighters in my career and have never been able to find a healthy balance. Either being very lean with no energy to having enough energy while being a little heavy. Celeste was able hit this balance with ease and literally almost no adjustments. My energy honestly amazed me, and I was leaner than I have ever been in my career. Her ability to find the “proper” foods at the “right” times was something I hadn’t seen before. From my pre-training meals to my recovery meals I was always healthy, full of energy, and on track to my goal. I would, without hesitation, refer my best friends, family, and anyone who asks to work with Celeste at the first chance they have.


Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter


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