Rebekah Burgeson is a recent graduate of the Applied Nutrition Science Diploma program from Elevated Learning Academy. Those who know her, know that she has always had a passion for nutrition and helping others. Nutrition is personal to her for various reasons as food has been a big focus most for most of her life in both negative and positive ways.
She launched Balance Nutrition, where she offers nutrition consulting, group programs, and workshops. Her main scope is helping busy families and individuals plan and prepare healthy, balanced, inexpensive meals; pregnancy and postpartum nutrition, infancy and childhood nutrition, and corporate wellness.
She’s also a huge advocate for no food rules, where you can enjoy food without the feelings of guilt and shame and maintaining a positive relationship with food and your body. Not only do we focus on the “what you eat”, we focus on the “how you eat”.
She enjoys gardening and growing her own food and is a mom to a wonderful little boy. He was the motivation for her to start this journey as she did not want him to grow up the way I did – in the throes of diet culture.
No matter what your health goals are, Rebekah looks to educate, motivate, and empower you to make healthy choices that are sustainable and for life. No crash diets here!



Phone: (403) 831-1964


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