Healthy Salad


Hi there! I'm Rebekah, Nutrition Coach and Founder of Balance Nutrition.

Those who know me, know that I have always had a passion for nutrition and helping others. Nutrition is personal to me for various reasons as food has been a big focus for most of my life in both negative and positive ways.


In March of 2020, after making the decision to change careers and go back to school, I graduated with a Nutrition Science Diploma from Elevated Learning Academy in Calgary, Alberta.

I launched Balance Nutrition, where I offer one-on-one nutrition coaching, group coaching, and workshops for women who want to focus on their overall health, feel great, learn to nourish their bodies, and start living a life free of dieting.

Having suffered and since recovered from disordered eating, I am a huge advocate for no food rules, where you can enjoy food without the feelings of guilt and shame while maintaining a positive relationship with food and your body. Not only do we focus on the “what you eat”, we focus on the “how you eat”.

I enjoy gardening and growing my own food and a mom to a wonderful little boy. He was the motivation for me to start this journey as I do not want him to grow up the way I did – in the throes of diet culture. No matter what your health goals are, I am here to listen, educate, motivate,  and empower you to make healthy choices that are sustainable and for life.

No crash diets here!


- Rebekah