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Lifestyle Based Approach to Nutrition

Personalized coaching unique to your health, learning how to eat in a way that’s right for your body, specific goals, and lifestyle.


What is a lifestyle based approach?

​Health is the primary focus when taking a lifestyle approach. This is achieved through targeting healthy habits and you as a whole rather than focusing on appearance, weight loss, calorie counting, etc. The goal is to reach a lifestyle that is healthy and can be maintained long term, by listening to your hunger and fullness cues. Many people focus on weight in order to improve their health, however living in a world which focuses on weight as the only health marker, can be harmful for some. I appreciate that bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and weights, and work with individuals to improve their overall health. 

Benefits of a Lifestyle Approach

  • Promotes positive body image

  • It's more sustainable long term

  • It focuses on internal factors like hunger, satiety, health, and wellness

  • Its flexible and manageable for most - no restricting foods or food groups

  • Beneficial for your mental health

  • Weight loss becomes a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle change as you are not fighting biology and things beyond your control

Some Areas of Focus

  • Eating balanced meals

  • Achieving adequate fluid intake

  • Eating mostly whole foods

  • Eating appropriate portions

  • Engaging in regular physical activity

  • Developing basic cooking skills

  • Practice mindful eating using hunger and fullness cues

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