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One on One Coaching

Personalized coaching unique to your health, learning how to eat in a way that’s right for your body, specific goals, and lifestyle.


Benefits of One on One Personalized Coaching

  • Personalized and Customized Nutrition Program

    • Unlike my group programs that have a generic plan designed for the group, a personalized plan takes into account your unique stats, goals, and lifestyle factors. You will learn to eat in a way that's right for your body. It's an individualized program rather than a one size fits all approach.​

  • Program Adjustments

    • As your body changes or your goals change, we will monitor your progress and make changes based on this. Changes are more systematic, precise, and unique to you.​

  • Accountability

    • A coach will hold you accountable ​to

  • Meal Planning

    • I will assist you in formulating healthy meal plans to meet your nutritional needs and fuel you based on your activity level. Less is not always best, planning your meals ensure for long term success and fueling your body properly. You learn how to feed yourself, rather than following a meal plan that was 

  • Encouragment

    • There are days where we don't feel motivated and want to give up. A coach will be there on those days and provide you with strategies to work through those bumps in the road. We will focus on the big picture and remind you of your past successes.​

  • Progress Monitoring

    • Keeping track of your progress on your own can be challenging.​

  • Nutritional Expertise

    • Nutrition can be confusing. The internet is swarming with myths and misinformation when it comes to nutrition and what to eat. I base my coaching on scientific research and not personal anecdote,​ personal belief, or current diet trends. I understand how the body processes the food you eat and you obtain energy from those foods. By exposing and understanding nutritional misinformation and myths, we can lead you towards more balanced eating.

  • Education

    • I'm not just a coach, but also a teacher. I don't expect you to need my healp forever as I will provide you with the tools to be successful on your own. Education and knowledge can be empowering.​

  • We don't treat Illness or Disease

    • We can provide you with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to reduce your risk of illness or disease, however, I understand when something is beyond my scope of practice to diagnose or treat any medical condition or illness. I will refer you to a doctor or specialist where applicable. ​Always en

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